Navbar add extra button

You can append additional buttons to the navbar by using the snippet below. Just change the button text, URL, and button type to the parameters you desire.

Code Example

 * Navbar add extra button.
 * @param string $items Menu items.
 * @param string $args Arguments.
add_filter( 'wp_nav_menu_items', 'conversions_add_extra_navbar_button', 777, 2 );
function conversions_add_extra_navbar_button( $items, $args ) {
	if ( $args->theme_location === 'primary' ) {
		$nav_button_2 = sprintf(
			'<li class="nav-callout-button menu-item nav-item"><a title="%1$s" href="%2$s" class="btn %3$s">%1$s</a></li>',
			esc_html( 'Custom' ),
			esc_url( '' ),
			esc_attr( 'btn-dark' )

		// Add the nav button to the end of the menu.
		$items .= $nav_button_2;
	return $items;

Result Example

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