Customizer Settings

All of the theme options are accessible through the native WordPress Customizer . Below we will go through each section in more detail.

1. Site Identity

Option location: Customizer > Site Identity

The Site Identity options control the branding on your website. The section options include:

  • Upload Logo
  • Logo height
  • Site title
  • Tagline

2. Colors

Option location: Customizer > Colors

The theme comes with options to control the colors. You can adjust the colors for various elements via the native WordPress customizer. This section options include:

  • Background color
  • Link color
  • Link hover color
  • Footer background color
  • Footer text color
  • Footer link color
  • Footer link hover color

Option location: Customizer > Navbar

The Navbar comes with built-in options for colors, position, spacing, and sub-components. You can adjust the following options as needed:

  • Navbar layout
  • Navbar color scheme
  • Navbar position
  • Branding padding
  • Navbar padding
  • Navbar drop shadow
  • Navbar search icon
  • Add button to Navbar

4. Layout

Option location: Customizer > Layout

The Layout section has options for the sidebar positioning. Most of these options can be overridden on a page to page basis. This section options include:

  • Sidebar Positioning
  • Show sidebar on mobile
  • Content container card

5. Typography

Option location: Customizer > Typography

The typography options give you control of how fonts appear on your site. You can choose from 15+ Google fonts. If Google fonts are disabled, native fonts will be used instead. This section options include:

  • Enable Google fonts
  • Heading font family
  • Body font family

6. Call to Action

Option location: Customizer > Call to Action

Adding an optimized Call-to-Action (CTA) section to your website can increase conversions, and boost revenue. For these reasons, we’ve included granular options to incorporate one. You can adjust the following CTA options as needed:

  • Enable Call to Action section
  • Background type
    • Gradient colors
    • Bootstrap colors
    • Custom colors
  • Title
  • Title color
  • Description
  • Description color
  • Callout button
  • Shortcode

Option location: Customizer > Footer

The footer includes a widgetized area, copyright, and social media icons. Choose from over 1500+ Font Awesome icons with a built-in icon picker. This section options list includes:

  • Copyright text
  • Social icon size
  • Social icons
    • Icon
    • Link

8. Blog

Option location: Customizer > Blog

The Blog customizer section gives you the ability to change key features of your blog’s design. You can adjust the following Blog options as needed:

  • Sticky post highlight color
  • Read more button type
  • Comment button type
  • Show related posts
  • Related posts taxonomy
    • Categories
    • Tags
  • Show post navigation

Option location: Customizer > Featured Image

The Customizer’s Featured Image section gives you more control of WordPress posts and pages native featured images. Many options have been added for easy customization including:

  • Enable fixed background image
  • Featured image height
  • Overlay color
  • Overlay opacity
  • Title color

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